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We needed our over 100 year old front porch repaired from rotting boards. Darrell was very knowledgeable about the structure of this old building and what his team could do. The bid was reasonable given that the job included removal, repair and replacement of decorative wooden posts and railing, as well as replacement of boards to match the original design. The project was anticipated to take about a week, and they scheduled it to start 2 weeks after we agreed to it. The project was finished in a week (plus 2 days when it rained and they didn't paint), and each day of the project Martin and Oscar cleaned up the entire area. We have had bad experiences with other contractors, and we are very pleased to have finally found a company with skill and experience, honesty and integrity!Read More

I worked with Darrell Butler of 21st Century to have a new foundation done in my back yard and under my bathroom. Darrell was very helpful in determining what exactly needed to be done, arrived at every one of our meeting times punctually and was very patient in waiting until I was financially ready to do the work because I was dealing with recovering from breast cancer but needed the work done urgently. He was very sympathetic to my situation and supportive which really made me feel I could trust him with my project. When it was time to do the work he brought in a cement contractor that did the work in two days, was very efficient, took all the old cement and more with them and left behind a very beautiful new outdoor concrete patio and also lifted my bathroom to add the new foundation underneath. They added a new drain to keep the water from the slope from eroding the soil under the bathroom which was making the bathroom sink. I am very pleased with the work and with 21st Century's commitment to making it happen for me and doing a great job. I feel that what they charged me for this project was fair and was happy to pay it knowing that the work had been very well.Read More


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