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21st Century Home Improvement Painting & Roofing brings the same level of craftsmanship and service to our interior painting projects that we do to our exterior jobs. Clients have told our field supervisors time and again how friendly and courteous our painting crews are. This is important to us because the client should never feel uncomfortable while work is being done in their home.

Whether the project be painting a single room or an entire house. Staining hardwood floors or hand painting intricate crown molding, you can expect a first rate job with 21st Century Home Improvement. Our painters focus on the preparation of the area to be painted. This includes patching and hand sanding, cleaning the surface of the areas to be painted, and masking the area using tarps and plastic to prevent any overspray. The skill of our painters and the knowledge and experience of our painting foreman assures that you will be satisfied with our work. Please visit the Interior Painting Photo Gallery to view some of our past work.


When it comes to having your home painted, the old adage, you get what you pay for is generally right on target.  Our San Francisco Bay area residential and commercial exterior paint jobs are guaranteed to last well into the future. Our paint warranty on stucco is 10 years. On wood, our warranty is for 7 years. Compare our warranties to those of our competitors and its clear that spending a bit more money now can save you thousands of dollars down the line.

Not only do we warranty our work longer than the competition, but as a large, well established company, our clients can be confident that we will be around to stand behind our work in the future. This is something to consider when you receive a low bid from smaller fly by night contractors.

21st Century Home Improvement can provide such long term warranties because we are confident in our painters and the quality of their work. We understand that skilled applicators are necessary for high quality work. This is why we employ our foremen and their crews full time, rather than relying on sub contractors. Our foremen are knowledgeable craftsmen with years of experience. Their knowledge and experience is reflected in the work of their crews from preparation through completion.

Here at 21st Century Home Improvement we also understand that a lasting paint job requires the use of high quality materials…especially here in SF and the Bay area. For this reason, we only use Kelly Moore and Sherwin Williams elastomeric paints that are several times thick than regular paint. We also use Tex Cote TC600 which is a premium, high build, 100% acrylic terpolymer, water based coating with elastomeric properties featuring rapid drying and excellent adhesion.

Our use of superior coatings allows us to offer outstanding warranties with confidence.  There are the standard steps taken during an 21st Century Home Improvement exterior painting project. Preparations vary somewhat depending on the condition of the structure and goals of the customer. However, these standard steps serve to ensure high quality work on every 21st Century Home Improvement exterior painting project.